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Estate & Probate Attorneys in West Warwick, Rhode Island

The Law Office of Devane, Fogarty & Ribezzo is experienced in providing clients with a wide range of estate planning and probate services. This often starts with a review of documents evidencing the current ownership of assets to determine if another form of ownership may more aptly meet the needs of a particular client. Also, we can re-deed real property as appropriate, create and modify inter-vivos (during life) or testamentary trusts, create wills, powers of attorney (for financial appointments), special or limited powers of attorney, powers of attorney for healthcare, or living wills. We can assist you in early or late-stage Medicaid planning techniques to best situate you to preserve your assets for your own use or to pass to your heirs or beneficiaries.

When an individual passes, whether they die testate (with a will) on intestate (leaving no will), their estate needs to be managed and passed in accordance with Rhode Island General Law. Jurisdiction is conferred to the local municipal Probate Court. At the Law Office of Devane, Fogarty & Ribezzo, we can probate the estate of a decedent to properly convey assets as legally prescribed. Our probate practice also includes guardianships and adult name changes. Learn more about our services by scheduling a free consultation with us in West Warwick, Rhode Island.

Protect Your Assets

Probate and estates law affects the most private, personal parts of our lives and meets our essential needs in three main areas:

  • Providing legal vehicles to help us plan for our own future medical problems and incapacity

  • Helping us to care for vulnerable loved ones like children, family members with disabilities and elders

  • Creating procedures for passing ownership of our property and money to those we wish to support both before and after our deaths

Planning for the Future

Estate planning allows you to determine how you would like your assets and property distributed after your death. There are various types of wills and trusts available to do this. These documents provide necessary guidance for many significant decisions such as:

  • Who should be named as a guardian to care for your minor children

  • Who will manage your estate and distribute your assets

  • Who you want to make medical and financial decisions for you in case of incapacity

Without proper estate planning, the probate court will determine how your assets are distributed according to state intestacy laws. In the event that you have no heirs, the state will take ownership of your property. To prevent the state from making these decisions for you, it is essential to have a proper estate plan in place.

Get started today by contacting us at the Law Office of Devane, Fogarty & Ribezzo. From our office in West Warwick, Rhode Island, we assist clients statewide in the preparation of their estate plans. Tell us when you need legal guidance in Coventry, Warwick, Cranston, or East Greenwich. We'll set you up with a free consultation.