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Common Bankruptcy Myths Attorneys in West Warwick, Rhode Island

Since changes were enacted to the bankruptcy code several years ago, many confusing myths about bankruptcy protection have appeared — don’t believe them. Speak with a lawyer who can explain your options and the bankruptcy process to you. Contact the attorneys of Devane, Fogarty & Ribezzo to schedule your free consultation.

If you have recently lost your job as a result of the current economy and recession, you may be wondering how you will deal with your debts. The attorneys Devane, Fogarty & Ribezzo, bring more than 13 years of experience to this central message is: there is life after debt for you, your family and your business.

Among the Bankruptcy Myths Circulating Are:

  • You will have to forfeit all of your personal property.

  • You will be unable to own anything in the future.

  • Your credit rating is permanently damaged. You will never be able to qualify for another home or car loan, or credit card.

  • Filing for bankruptcy is something that both you and your spouse will have to do.

  • Filing for bankruptcy is incredibly difficult, requiring attention to all kinds of intimidating details.

  • In order to qualify for bankruptcy protection, an individual must have a minimum amount of debt.

  • A person can only file for bankruptcy once. That will be your only chance to seek a life after bankruptcy.

  • Despite your successful filing, you will still be subject to collection abuse and creditor harassment.

  • Back taxes cannot be discharged or repaid during bankruptcy.

  • There is no such thing as bankruptcy.

Skilled Bankruptcy Guidance

At the Law Office of Devane, Fogarty & Ribezzo, our lawyers will inform you of your options and protect you against untrue myths. We use federal law and the United States Bankruptcy Code to shield you from liens, wage garnishments, levies, foreclosures and repossessions.

We provide full-service bankruptcy support to our office’s client base and are determined to help you achieve the fresh start that to need and deserve. Contact us for a free consultation or email us.