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How Attorney Brian Fogarty Can Help You With Your Bankruptcy

Brian Fogarty May 31, 2022

Two legal books on bookshelf reading bankruptcyI am a lawyer.  I have been helping my clients and their families for almost 20 years realize life after debt, get out of otherwise awful financial situations, and give them an opportunity for a fresh start.  I often (not always) do this by filing bankruptcy for them.  A chapter 7 bankruptcy (the most common type) will usually cost between $900-$1,500.  There’s also a $335 filing fee and you have to take two classes online which cost around $10 each.  If you are married you do not have to file together, but you can.   It doesn’t cost more.

Most of my clients:

  • Are released completely from all dischargeable debts (credit cards, personal loans, auto loans, mortgages, medical bills, utility arrearages, some taxes, most law suits) within 3 months of filing.

  • Can re-establish their credit within a year or two of discharge to a point where it is far better than it was when we met.

  • Can purchase a new house within 1-2 years.

  • Keep all of their property.

In a chapter 7 bankruptcy, you can usually keep your home if you want  – if you are current on the loan or we can re-negotiate the terms.  You can let the house go if you are underwater without worrying about the bank chasing you for the shortfall balance.  You can keep a car and car loan or decide to walk away from it without worrying about an outstanding balance.

If you think filing a bankruptcy petition may help you, don’t do anything before sitting down with me.   Don’t buy anything, sell anything, start paying, stop paying, settle anything, try one of those debt settlement programs, cash out a 401k.  Well intentioned but not-so-smart moves often cannot be undone.  I do not charge anything to sit down and talk about things.  Call now.